Who are we?

The Open Stage project was born in 2014 in Berlin. Our aim is to create a music chronicle of the city and share it through our videos, offering to different artists the possibility to get their music known, showing at the same time representative locations and settings in Berlin.

What do we do?

Besides our video productions we would like to share our ideas and knowledge with anyone interested. For this matter we created the free access Open Stage workshops for students and audio-visual enthusiasts. For two days participants will have the chance to give their assistance to the whole creation process of a music video from a selected local band. Workshop contents

  • Introduction to the music video recording
  • Presentation of the international project The Open Stage Berlin Valencia
  • Technical basic skills of video and image
  • Video recording
  • Learn using Adobe Premiere and editing

Music video recording

The Open Stage productions search a balance between the raw recording edition and the following editing, creating a genuine and homely style. In addition, we explain the whole procedure of an independent music video creation; from the meeting with the clients and the brainstorming to the post production.

Open Stage Berlin Valencia

Our projects are based in low cost productions with emerging new bands and collectives.

We dedicate special attention to the client acquisition and recruitment of new bands at concerts and in social media.

Grounds of the Workshop

The Workshop is directed towards novices as well as young professionals.

Live recording

One peculiarity of our method is that the sound and image are recorded simultaneously. The Music in our music videos comes directly from the band acting live. We identify the video and sound material needed for the recording and teach the required technical skills to obtain the best image and sound quality.


We reveal to the assistants the structure and organisation of our editing process and explain the realisation of a quality synchronisation of video and image.