Client GIZ
Services Communication consultancy
Project Support to the Pan African University and the Pan African Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change)
Location Ethiopia and Algeria.
Status Completed

Objectives of this Consultancy

The main objectives for this consultancy are to:

  • support PAU with the update and operationalization of the previously devised communication strategy. The consultancy is to closely work together with PAU communication officer as well as officers of the 5 PAU institutes, taking a strong capacity development approach where possible.
  • support the development a detailed work-plan, kick-start key communication processes and support the development of exemplary materials. The materials include a new PAU website (with linked application portal), the launch of a PAU newsletter and communication of the new PAU institutional strategy in various formats.
  • support to the PAU communication officer in coordinating the further operationalization of the communication plan with the institute communication officers. The objective is to considerably strengthen the visibility, brand awareness and reputation across various channels to gain new partners for the institution, to increase the credibility in the member states, for a successful student and staff recruitment process and to improve communication with students during the course of their studies.
  • ensure that the results from the consultancy are adequately covered in GIZ’s internal and external communications (different channels) in order to strengthen communication with its key stakeholders.


WP 1

  • Working plan to operationalize the existing PAU’s communication strategy
  • Crisis communication manual and a training concept
  • Conduct a crisis communication workshop
  • Editorial plan for digital communication (topics: best practices, branding, tips, metrics, tone, cope with threats) for digital channels and PAU LinkedIn profile and PAU Alumni LinkedIn Group(s)
  • Conduct a workshop with the PAU Institute directors and communication managers of the institutes about branding and the importance of having a common communication strategy (internally and externally), including identifying target audience, key messages and channels, major implementation steps, and how to make major improvements in student communication. In conjunction, a workshop with the communication managers of all the institutes shall be organized to establish the implementation of the common communication strategy.
  • Follow up with trips to at least three institutes (to be defined) to strengthen the implementation and operationalization approach of the communication strategy

WP 2

  • Video to communicate main aspects of the new strategic plan
  • Event support to communicate the new strategic plan - development of the concept, create a booklet, presentation, document, etc.
  • Support in the creation of the PAU newsletter (process for gathering material, distribution method (digitally), etc.)
  • Conduct a workshop for the creation of the new PAU website
  • Proposal of the content structure (general information of university, sites for partners and stakeholders, subpages for institutes – based on PAUWES model) of the new website for PAU including the application portal for PAU study programmes
  • New PAU website including programming and design

WP 3

  • Draft GIZ PAU/PAUWES communication strategy
  • (Feasibility) Analysis of potential social media activities of the GIZ PAU project
  • video of the project
  • Recommendations of improvement of e-newsletter
  • Elaborate promotional material for the communication of the new strategic plan