Client GIZ
Services Communication consultancy
Location Arusha Tanzania.
Status Completed

The main objectives of the project are to:

● Develop and implement a coherent and overarching strategy for the SEAMPEC Programme highlighting the impact of the program within the East African community both at a regional and local level.

● Improve the communication on the added value of EAC projects / programmes to encourage Partner States to actively support regional integration and to improve framework conditions.

● Improve the digital presence of the EAC-GIZ partnership by integrating storytelling to illustrate the positive impacts of their projects on people’s lives.

● To increase acceptance in the civil society and the private sector

Deliverables for the communication strategy in cooperation with the SEAMPEC programme staff. 

● An overarching brand identity and a style guide for all the programmes

● A new website (analysis of the current website, development of content, launch, continual updating)

● A timeline for the development and implementation of communication products such as brochures/flyers, videos and audio clips, case studies and stories, newsletters, and social media outputs

● Monitoring and Evaluation tools for products, media and social media


● An event calendar specific to the programme across the region and in themedia.

● Training, capacity building and internal education including feedback system to ensure team cohesion

● Team Brainstorming - stories, opportunities for communication, website and social media campaigns.

Deliverable for a better digital presence of the EAC and GIZ partnership 

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Latest updates: EAC-GIZ Comms Strategy

Mission accomplished! we developed the 2021 communication strategy for the cooperation between the East African Community (EAC) and the German development cooperation (GIZ).

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